Saturday, 22 March 2014

Now a days we are witnessing divorces/separations between husband and wife. In some cases lifelong misunderstanding persist which causes the unhappiness in the married life. The main reason is proper horoscope matching is not seen before marriage.
Matching horoscope is an art and has to be given much importance because this will reflect on the couples married life.
Presently most of the Astrologers are matching the horoscope only on the basis of Nakshathra porutham (i.e. Star matching alone). No doubt the star matching is important at the same time the other aspects must also be seen.
For example with the help of a particular star one cannot assess the Lagnam, They may say that they can able to find out the rasi and on that basis the matching can be done. It is only half the way. The Lagnam and the houses from Lagnam has to be studied.
1.             The Lagnam is like a basement of a building.
2.             From Lagnam the 2nd house is mainly meant for Kudumbam. (Here the kudumbam means the newly married couple’s family. The husband, wife and their children.)
3.             The fourth house from Lagnam reflect Sugam (which means happiness in their married life)
4.             5th house represents the Puthra bhavam
5.             Sixth house denote the diseases and other
6.             The 7th house which is very important for marriage. This house is called as Kalathra sthanam.  Kalathram means for a girl it is her husband and for boy it is about his wife.
7.             The 8th house is meant for longevity ( For girl it is about her husband’s longevity and for boy it is about his wife longevity. Because usually the 2nd house will be called as Maraka sthanam. From husband’s house or wife’s house – 7th. From 7th house the 8th house happens to be the 2nd house.)
8.             Then come the Bhakyasthanam which is the 9th house.
9.             Finally the 12th house which gives Ayana Sayana Sugam.
All these aspect cannot be seen based on Nakshathram and through the horoscope alone can be seen. A through analyze is a must in addition to the Bhava dhosham.
I wish each and every one should follow this and make our children to lead a HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS MARRIED LIFE.
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